My 4 years college life

4 years has passed me by, There already 1 year since graduation. Time like sand pass though my fingers. Even today, I can clearly remember the moment when I enter the gate of my university. The long but also short years has branded on my heart. Therefore, I write those words to memory passed things.

That was my first time to go to a new city, come in a strange campus, get touch with many strangers. It`s my first time so miss my family, you know, I have never leave home so far away. There was nobody I acknowledge, a strong lonely feeling crept upon my spirit. But thanks to 3 years enclose high school management, I became much independent and not let my tears roll down. Finally, I assimilated in the new surrounding step by step.

You never know how disappointed was I when the several months go to university. The school is far beyond that in my mind. I think if I pick up a guy in street randomly , he or she certainly don`t know the name of my university. You can walk around the schoolyard in 20 minutes, even small than some high school. there only several building not imposing, never think about natatorium or a lake inside. In high school, I got high score and could admitted to an awesome university accordingly. I hate me I had not taken my teacher`s advice but apply to a school. I thought It would be a marvel, but it turned to be a tragedy. A impulse of return high school to be a senior hit my heart.

However, I hadn`t take heart of grace to go back. For one aspect, I`m not dare to face the high pressure of senior in high school. Get up up to, go to sleep beyond´╝îendless books, endless exercises, endless things to learn. Once examination a month held by my high school, but only once College Entrance Examination in a year. The pressure is so high that I cannot breathe. For another, I had already enrolled myself in class and a month passed. Maybe It`s late to return high school that would be reject. Just like that, I finally began my college life, burying those things in my heart. Take things as they come!

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