Hello World!

Hello, my dear friends. Today is a special day, also a memorable day. I announce my blog begin to start off today!

My English name is john shine, and you can call me john briefly. It`s introduced by my English teacher, and being along with me from that time,over 9 years has passed,and continue forever.

Why should I suddenly come up with the idea? Certainly, it`s not a moment of indiscretion. Bernard Mannes Baruc once remarked:"The ability to express an idea is well nigh as important as the idea itself." 

Hello World!

In the real life, I`m a guy who isn`t good at express my min. As a result, sometimes others maybe not understand me, or even misconstrue. But when I write my blog, the problem disappear for there is enough time for me to think & weigh my words carefully. That`s the reason why I be here.

Nodaway it`s not that time standalone blogs flourish, but a time for microblog. Blog is suitable for writing something like diary that contains much more informations and is more valuable, while microblog is good at share one`s feeling in real time, or some awesome trivia. I write the blog just for me, it`s a time track for my life , even if no one stand around, I will not be disappointed. I only wanna to remember what I have done in the past years when elder.

In my own zone, I`m very willing to share something worthwhile, especially in computer tricks which I`m expert in. It`s my pleasure to help others to solve hitches of their PC. There are also including some things would happen in my life, hard, happy or touching.

  1. Hello, this is a test comment for programming.

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